Dominique Kerkhove (DomKcollage)

When the city cries the tears appear!


Kerkhove Dominique, alias Dom(K) is an artist, Euro citizen, tireless walker and patient observer, he search on the walls of cities what makes my raw material: the poster. Ecological Realistic, he use what already exists to transform it. He create "Made-Ready" (or collages) from torn posters. He breathe a new destiny into an ephemeral urban creation to make a contemporary work that fits into time. Free from the straitjacket of a specific doctrine, he recognize, however, a technical proximity used by certain artists: exploitation of under posters (Dufresnes), all over (Pollock), take-off (Vostell). Made-Ready is not a style of collage but an approach that expresses itself through a plurality of pictorial forms whose central element is the paper (poster) resulting (torn) from an urban context. Despite various attempts at hierarchical classification, my work is in no way allegorical. It is concrete and materialistic. It is a narrative work of incarnation. I consciously try to give body to the sensations and perceptions, ideas and values, which constitute my artistic universe. With his Made-Ready he translate his emotions into evolving series (questionings) whose themes address a society in full industrial, moral and climatic change. Made-Ready" where he invite the spectator to react on his own certainties and evidences. A subtle game between voluntary and involuntary memory. Close to the art brut, I define my resolutely abstract positioning for a thematic yet figurative of our society."


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2008-2021 Collage Paris - Tel Aviv - Dunkerque, France
1998-2015 Photographe Paris, France
Dominique Kerkhove (DomKcollage)

The artist at work

Solo Expositions

2023 D-Kollage Leffrinckoucke, 59, France

2022 1 vitrine, 1 oeuvre - @MelanieMontaigne.archi Dunkerque, 59, France

2022 D-Kollage Dunkerque, 59, France

2020 Art Subway Dunkerque, 59, France

2019 Dom(K) Carnaval Dunkerque, 59, France

2019 Bangla Biennale Komdhara, India

2017 Hey You Paris, 75001, France

2016 Artistic Alya Tel Avi, Israel

2016 There is a doctor in the bar - Florentin Tel Aviv, Israel

2016 Accrochage / Ground Control Paris, 75018, France

2015 #Vive la vie ! - A Côté - Paris, 75011, France

2015 Accrochage - TEDx Dunkerque, 59, France

2015 Do You Know Dom(K) Dunkerque, 59, France

Collective Expositions

2023 Exposition Artbox Projects New York/Manhattan, United States

2022 ARéoport Bergues, 59, France

2022 KiwArt5 Dunkerque, 59, France

2022 Pol Art Dunkerque, France

2021 Expo Métro Monaco, France

2021 Porte Ouverte Lycée Le Corbusier Tourcoing, France

2021 Expo Métro New York, United States

2021 Galerie du Passage Cassel, France

2020 Exposition Ephemire PARIS 11, France

2019 Exposition « Polaroid Artistic » Nevers, France

2019 Exposition « Polaroid Artistic » Clermont Ferrand, France

2019 White City Night - Tel Aviv, Israel

2017 Narrative Moovements Pondicherry, India

Permanent Collections

2023 Galerie Le Passage Cassel, France

2018 Links Hôtel Tel Aviv, France

2018 Galerie Federson 57 rue de Turenne - 75003 Paris, France


2019 " TransFormation " - Curator Massimo Constantini - Casa Grassi Sérole, Italy

2019 Banga Biennale Komdhara, India

2017 Hey You Ercourt, France

2016 Urban Secret Tel Aviv, Israel

2016 No sens - Dune Hôtel - Pondicherry, India

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