Dominique Kerkhove (DomKcollage)

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Added Aug 24, 2018

MadeReady = Arbatard / BadArt ?

"Don't look for the exceptional, I am not!" This is how the French collagist artist Kerkhove Dominique alias DomKcollages presents himself. His collages are for him "MadeReady" which he classifies in a personal movement which he calls "ArtBatard or Badart"! Hidden son of the New Realists, "ArtBatard or Badart" is defined by the actions of the artist which delimit the movement, the surface and the process: strolling in an urban context (city, metro), recovery-appropriation-take-off of the artist with the aim of creating (assembly-composition-collage) a MadeReady from fragments of other pre-existing works or having heterogeneous from different sources sometimes (poster, book, newspapers, etc.). The "ArtBatard or Badart" does not deny its origins. Better. He accommodates it and creates a positive artistic oedipus. Where the mixing of different movements (New Realism, Art Brut, Appropriation Art, Mash Up, etc.) generates an original creative act without prejudices and in the service of a critical look at our society !


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